Hey there, I'm Justyn. I've been traveling for almost 3 years now. What keeps me going is my passion for learning about other cultures and lifestyles around the world. I recently began a new chapter in my life, where I have started working online as I travel. 

Some of the things I do include blogging, web development, newsletter creation and automation. I build Wordpress and Static websites and help you with your branding and business design. 

I started traveling after dropping out of Nursing school to pursue my dreams of volunteering and living around the world. I have been able to chase that dream for the past three years, with no plan to quit. My blog tends to focus on female solo travel and staying safe abroad while also providing tips and tricks for others who want to start their own digital nomad journey.

My Stats

2770 Total

Instagram Followers

10k Monthly

Blog Traffic

17% Average

Engagement Rate

12.3k Monthly

Total Reach

My Audience

My audience is widely spread through America as well as Australia and Bali. Since my blog started out as a way for me to show my friends and family what I had been up too, it quickly grew in Utah, where I am from. My audience is also 75% women, as I am typically writing for women and the intent to inspire them to travel the world alone or begin their own digital nomad journeys. 

Work With Me

I would love to work with you! Whether you are looking for a blogger to help with your content, marketing or outreach or you need a new website or help creating your own business, let me know! I have a huge passion for helping other people grow and chase their dreams! I also love to share and promote brands that I love, for my friends and family. 

Let's work together! 

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